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Based in Sunny South Devon, Yurts for Life, make, hire and maintain Kyrgyz style yurts. We work with all sorts of clients ranging from land and glampsite owners, second income earners (yurts in the back garden on AirBnB!), farmers who are diversifying into events, weddings and parties, individuals who just fancy a spare room for some downtime or for the mother-in-law when she comes to stay(!), to corporates who need events spaces, schools for outdoor learning, the list is eclectic and varied.

Sacha took over the business in 2014 after 5 years in the military followed by 10 years working in and out of London in operational and business development roles.  Sacha finally returned to the West Country to explore her design and engineering roots.  Introducing the yurt maintenance packages has transformed the business and increased the longevity of the Yurts for Life Yurt.