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Clear Sky Company Director Mark Scott has over 20 years experience in the Holiday industry, specialising in systems, customer trends and data analysis for the UK Caravan Parks and Camping sector.

Five years ago, this insight lead Mark to spot the growing trend towards a back to nature experience but with the little luxuries that make it a holiday – glamping in other words! But having looked for a good supplier in the UK, he found the costs, delivery times and flexibility on offer was far from ideal.

Extensive research found that by bringing together the very best manufacturers in Europe, the highest quality tents could be offered at prices and delivery times much preferable to what is available in the UK without compromising quality – and so Clear Sky Safari Tents was born.

The company has grown to become the ‘go-to’ company for Safari Tents, with clients from major holiday park operators such as Haven and Park Resorts, retailers like John Lewis, Adventure holiday operators such as Kingswood and a huge variety of glamping and camping sites, farmers and landowners.


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