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Christopher qualified as a barrister before co-founding Irenicon, a specialist HR and employment law practise, in 1980.  His family background includes a rural tourist site and he was a Director of the family business for 20 years until he left to concentrate on Irenicon.  He has spent his life helping business owners manage and contract the people they pay.  His focus is on creating contracts and relationships that work for the business, which means you have a full set of tools to help you tackle problems that arise.

As well as giving a seminar, Christopher will be on some of our Meet The Experts sessions and can help in two areas:

Employment law, engaging, keeping, managing and getting rid of freelancers and contractors.  He can cover much of the legal side of people you pay to do work for you, and some of the employment law and regulation pitfalls to avoid.  There are also “things that everyone knows” which are just not true – Christopher can point these out and show you how to avoid unnecessary trouble.

GDPR and data protection.  People probably think that all the fuss has died down now about data protection, but actually it’s just getting going!  He can help people get a grip on some of the process and paperwork side of what they need to do (and point them in the direction of the right sort of tech people, if that is where their problems are).


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