Up-Cycled Design and How to Make the Most of Your Small Spaces

  • 1:00 pm
  • 22nd September
  • Theatre 3

Max shares his top tips on how to make the most of your small spaces.

He has judged ‘Shed of the Year’, appeared on ‘Find It, Fix it, Flog it’ and ‘Fill Your House for Free’,  built his very own houseboat from a shipping container (as seen on ‘Amazing Spaces’) and filmed an ITV show on affordable holiday homes with Julia Bradbury that is airing this August.  Max will talk about good design practice for small spaces and his new book – ‘Upcycling Outdoors’.


Max McMurdo, TV Presenter and Upcycling Expert
Reestore – Max McMurdo Upcycler

Max is a designer and TV presenter, his credits include ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’, ‘Fill Your House For Free’ and Channel 4’s summer hit ‘Shed of the Year’. He has just started filming a new series for ITV1 called ‘£10k Holiday Home’ which he will co-present with Julia Bradbury.  He has written his first book ‘Upcycling’ which was published in September 2016 and his new book ‘Upcycling Outdoors’ will be out next year.

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