Stand Out From The Crowd and Profit By Design

By Kate Morel

Kate will be joined by guest speaker Carwyn Lloyd Jones, creator of the ‘Dragon’s Eye’ cabin, winner of Channel 4’s ‘Cabins in the Wild’ TV series. Carwyn will talk about his creative process and the challenges of building something completely original.

When you think about the type of glamping you want to create, what words pop into your head? ‘totally different’, ‘stunning’, ‘quirky’ – ‘one of a kind’? If you’re glamping aspirations are to create something unique, this seminar will help you explore innovative ideas around design and diversity, providing inspiration to create your own style.

As glamping becomes an increasingly competitive business it becomes more important to be a trailblazer. Expect brain-storming and audience participation, who knows – you might even go away with your own design-led ‘unique selling point’.

About Kate Morel

Morel Consultancy

Kate is an independent glamping consultant and designer with a wealth of experience and contacts. A flair for creating ‘unique selling points’ and keen business sense add to her valuable expertise, which she applies to each glamping project she is involved in.

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