New Exhibitor

TimberTipi a family run business was born out of the need to evolve our own Glamping Business at Wild Harvest, (Di Wood, Owner and writer of ‘How to Set Up a Successful Glamping Business Formula) Having 30 years of construction experience it was time create something new in the Glamping industry. Inspiration came from our canvas Tipis. The beauty of timber over canvas means we can extend our own season without the need to replace the canvas every year.  In the early Spring of 2018 we built 3 timber tipis and they became the basis of what lead to our grand models, TimberTipi 5200 up to TimberTipi 10200.

TimberTipis are both strikingly beautiful and versatile, and can be used in a variety of ways, from guest accommodation, couples retreats, Yoga studios and at 10200mm in diameter a complete home.