The HUBi Lighting & Power System:

A compact and robust SolarHub that can provide illumination and power in almost any off grid location, even on cloudy days.  Ideal for camping, fishing, sheds, in fact anywhere light and power is needed!

The HUBi system from Solar Technology collects daylight through its crystalline solar panel and converts this to electricity; this is fed to the SolarHub and stored in a lightweight Lithium battery.  The HUBi system is available in two sizes the HUBi 2k and HUBi 10k, each comes with two easy to use LUMi lights, they are operated by a button in the centre of each light and can be located exactly where they are needed, thanks to a versatile hanging hook and 4m cable.  Each LUMi light provides 3m² of illumination.

In addition to light, both HUBi’s can power a fan, radio, water pump and recharge a smartphone and tablet.  The HUBi 10k can even power a laptop and 12v television!

HUBi 2K Contents