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Portable Power Technology (PPT) are specialists in off grid lighting and power and offer a wide range of solutions perfect for the Glamping market.

PPT are exclusive distributors for a range of modular solar systems from NIWA offering innovative and expandable solar solutions that are designed for the harshest conditions to deliver light and basic power wherever it’s required. The main product in the range is the NIWA Home 200 X2  which is a complete all in one, safe and easy to install modular solar system that has a dimmable and efficient lighting source, phone and small device charging facilities via USB and an excellent quality solar panel. The system is fully expandable by adding more lights and power packs that simply click into place. The system is attractive, innovative, eco-friendly and totally unique. NIWA was designed by a German company for those people living without light and power and is extensively used in off grid homes across Africa and various other continents.


We also offer a number of all in one power solutions including our popular PPT Powerpack 100+ and PPT Powerpack 300+. Both powerpacks can power lights and charge small devices including TV’s, laptops and even a fridge! Developed exclusively by PPT these all in one solar rechargeable solutions are extremely versatile. Our powerpacks are safe, lightweight systems that utilise powerful lithium batteries suppling basic electricity wherever and whenever you need it.


We can offer systems tailor made to your requirements and as a technical company we have engineers available that can put together systems especially for you to suit your site’s unique needs.

If you are looking for products to light and power your Glamping pods or just help your guests safely map out their quick trip to the loo, give us a call!