Pennine Pods Ltd manufacture Foam Fibreglass Structures, including Glamping Pods, Home Offices and additional accommodation.

All our Pods are constructed using a unique foam infused fibreglass process. Stronger, lighter, longer lasting and cheaper to maintain than conventional pods. By using these state of the art materials and techniques we can create Different, Distinctive and Unique bespoke designs tailored to customers specific requirements, whether it is a pod for luxury high-end glamping, to simple pods for walkers, mountain bikers or a garden room. Pennine Pods can create your vision.

Sites not normally considered for use, such as hillsides, embankments and flood plains; our unique and innovative structures are versatile, adaptable and can blend into any environment. The reverse panel technology, cool in summer and warm in winter, means low running costs. Making our structures ideal for all year round occupancy.