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 Kildwick are a UK company based in picturesque North Yorkshire. We make the world’s most glamorous free-standing compost toilets.  Out toilets offer the highest standards of hygiene using specialist anti-bacterial materials & designs that make guest toilet servicing very easy.

Kildwick toilets look similar to standard domestic loos giving your guests the most conventional experience whilst offering glamorous colours and styles adding to a positive customer experience. We offer a range of styles & sizes which enable your to match the toilet to the space.

We are well known for excellent service in addition to offering a three year warranty and ‘refresh & extend’ services keeping your investment looking great.

Our toilets can be free-standing with a built-in urine bottle or can exploit an external soak-pit further reducing the need to service the toilets during a customer stay.

As free-standing toilets they function without power but powered ventilation (solar or mains) can be added at purchase time or installed later.

Unlike other composting toilets ours marry world-class functionality with exemplar looks & durability making them truly, The King of Glamping Thrones.



Our Address is:

Kildwick Low Impact Toilets

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