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Stand 18


We are a small, creative company designing, developing and producing many unique glamping accessory products. We aim to address the needs of the glamping world especially those tents that have central poles.  We have designed creative solutions to the problem of adding hooks, tables and lanterns around the central pole of a Bell Tent with the advantage of assembling them after the tent is pitched.

Our pole hook solutions come in three styles.  We have the Glamp Clamp™ Hooks, Chandelier Hooks and Hanger Hooks.  They are made from 3mm mild steel and can be easily fixed and removed without leaving a mark on the pole.

Our table solution revolves around our unique Glamp Clamp™ bracket which together with our range of table tops makes a self-supporting and self-adjusting Pole-Table, with an additional 3 hooks below the table. All of the designs come in either pre-glamped or glamp yourself versions.


We have just designed our large low level party table that fits around a central pole, with a separate leg base.  The whole unit folds flat for transport and storage and can be used around a Bell Tent pole or a garden parasol.

Our lighting solutions include a Moroccan inspired lantern with battery LED lights, or a solar version, our ornate chandelier and finally a compact tea light halo which all are flat packed and assembled around the pole.

Our accessories range includes our Tangle3 for fairy light storage, our Glamp’nGlow™ guy rope markers, our new ‘tachits™ for quickly securing bunting and/or fairy lights to guy ropes and our Cupcake Glamstand that fits around the pole, and double sided mirrors.

We create Custom Stencils™ and personalised bunting from waterproof paper.

Our handcrafted GlamPly™ storage boxes are available for your own glamping accessories or we have a Complete Glamping Kit in the box available.

So whether you are a new or existing glamping site, reseller, a private glamper or you want to take up pole glamping – we would welcome you to Hang Around our Stand 18.