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Eco Toilets – Composting Toilets….

Whether you are glamping, camping, organising an outdoor event, or any kind of activity where people are involved you are going to need toilets.

So…imagine a toilet that has no need for water, a sewage system, miles of plumbing or septic tank that can be placed anywhere, even where you could not putEcotoilet and cabin a conventional WC. There is such a product, a dry separating toilet that works using the design of the human body. Urine is directed one way and the solid material another. The design is simple, and clever. All the elements required to create excellent compost occur naturally within our bodies. With no smell, or waste just two useful products, composting our human by-products is not alien or distasteful but sensible, safe very eco-friendly and the ideal solution for all outdoor and indoor sanitary problems. Keep your project simple, keep your users happy, and keep your bank balance healthy.

Email:  Susanne Saillet