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No matter what kind of Glamping site you have or want to start (Safari Tent, Yurts, Bell Tents, Shepherd Huts, Pods) your guests will need toilets and showers.

The conventional way is to invest in a toilet and shower block for shared use.
An investment that doesn’t bring in any revenues. And with the chore of having to clean it once or twice a day, 7 days a week.
Now wouldn’t it be much nicer, and much more glamorous, to give each accommodation its own En-Suite shower room?
That’s what a CampPlus unit is, a Plug & Play Pod with 1 or 2 shower rooms that you install next to the Glamping accommodation.
Although the initial investment is somewhat higher, it pays for itself in a surprisingly short time. You can obviously charge more for the luxury but the occupancy will be much higher as well.
So financially it makes perfect sense.

There are more advantages.

  • Less cleaning. Because your guests keep the unit clean themselves during their stay, you only clean them on changeover days. So: no changeovers, no cleaning!
  • Happier guests means higher ratings. The state of the toilets is the first thing that gets mentioned in most reviews. With our en-suite units you’ll get a thumbs-up every time.

Come and see us at stand 12 (inside). We’ll be happy to show you how going en-suite can work for your Glamping Business.

Here is a CampPlus Duo unit serving 2 safari tents.

CampPlus 3