ASTECtherm is the ideal heating system to provide year-round comfortable use for garden rooms and glamping pods.  This revolutionary infrared radiant heating system runs on extra-low voltage electrical current, making it very economical and safe to run.  Once installed, ASTECtherm heating systems are concealed within the fabric of the building allowing for greater wall space and a premier quality finish.  ASTECtherm heating films can be installed underfloor or plastered into the ceiling or walls, depending on your requirements.

ASTECtherm works by emitting FAR-infrared which directly heats the particles within the objects in the building.  This differs from conventional heating systems which heat the air to, in turn, heat the objects in the room.

Directly heating the solid objects in a room is more efficient because warm air escapes the structure far quicker.  In the case of a glamping pod or garden room, where a single entry and exit point often opens into a single room, ASTECtherm heating makes eminently more sense than conventional heating systems.

  • The benefits of ASTECtherm radiant heating include:
  • Low running costs – Highly efficient
  • Unobtrusive concealed Heating
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Quick heat-up phase and uniform heating of the structure Safe to use – Operates at a Low Surface Temperature Minimal movement of dust and allergens Reduces condensation and mildew Renewable energy ready – compatible with solar PV installation

Discuss using ASTECtherm with your camping pod or garden room provider or visit us to hear about our current recommended suppliers.  Find out more and experience ASTECtherm heating for yourself at our indoor stand at this year’s Glamping Show.