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Anthropods Anthropods is new and quite different to anything you’ll have seen before in microdwelling spaces. Their stylish, futuristic design offers a new type of  flexible accommodation, that can be sited easily on uneven ground with little groundwork preparation. The unique adaptable legs mean your Anthropod can be adapted to suit different terrains.

Anthropods do not require extensive groundworks, just four 600mm size concrete pads to place the four legs and every Anthropod is delivered on a flatbed truck. Simple lifting using the Hiab on-board  crane which attaches to the pod’s built-in lifting rings or removal can be made by an on-site tractor with conventional farm lift equipment. Movement to different seasonal locations is also easily performed using the fork/ tractor combination.

A Tree House Anthropod will also be available soon.

Your Anthropod can be whatever you want it to be:

  • Glamping accommodation with a difference.
  • Home garden office (no planning permission required).
  • On-site accommodation for festivals and concerts
  • Disaster relief.
  • Construction site office / Extra office space.
  • A micro dwelling.