If you missed her at The Glamping Show, Nikki from Fiesta Fields shares advice from her seminar to guide you through your planning stages for landowners who are thinking about hiring their site as an event venue. Nikki is founder of Fiesta Fields, an outdoor event company who manage outdoor spaces including marketing them for weddings, corporate events and other celebrations.

1/ Your market: think about what people who want to plan an outdoor event are looking for. We are seeing growing trends in the following areas, which of these is your site best suited for?

  • Informality
  • Doing things a little differently
  • Glamping
  • Festivals
  • Rediscovering the great outdoors
  • Weekend celebrations

2/ With this in mind, what else does your location have to offer? Do you have one or more of the following?

  • Rolling or elevated views
  • A feeling of seclusion, surrounded by trees
  • A lake or river, interesting architectural feature
  • A peaceful setting

3/ If you can see an opportunity to offer your lands for events, here’s a little checklist of things to consider. This is just to get you started in your planning, so don’t worry if you don’t tick all these boxes. It’s good to know what your venue’s strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Good access from major roads, but not so close to a busy road that your event will be heard by others.
  • Nearby accommodation
  • Good access into the field itself
  • Good soil/good drainage
  • Enough flat space for marquee/tipis
  • Enough space for marquee, glamping, ceremony and parking. You probably need a minimum of 7 acres.
  • A nearby church or registry office
  • Will the events space need to share with any other aspects of your business eg grazing, hay cuts, pheasants, glamping
  • Any neighbours to consider?

4/ Other things to consider when managing the venture yourself:

  • What will your pricing be?
  • How will you field enquiries and manage viewings?
  • How will you respond to enquiries / questions from hirers and suppliers through the run up to the event?
  • What about legals and safety aspects e.g. water, dead trees, fire risks?
  • Marketing your business: logo, business name, website, social media, advertising.
  • How will you differentiate yourself from local competition?

Introduction to Fiesta Fields

Fiesta Fields can support you with management of your site as an event venue, depending on what level of support you require.

Full management supports you fully with hiring out your site for events and leaves minimal input for landowners to include upkeep of the land, mowing of grass, maintaining access tracks.

Online directory support will be available soon. With online directory support your venue will appear in web searches made by hirers in the relevant county and potential hirers will be able to email directly through to you as the landowner.

Please go to fiestafields.co.uk to find out more about what we do or contact Nikki: nikki@fiestafields.co.uk.


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