Bushtec Safari didn’t invent Glamping…

They perfected it.


Canvas and Tent is a continentally renowned supplier of Europe’s most pristine and prestigious tented accommodation services. They have built a reputation on conceiving, manufacturing and installing high-end, quality tents for the safari and luxury travel markets.

Their military grade, Ripstop canvas is manufactured solely at our state of the art factory in South Africa, where every care is taken to ensure that the material is of impeccable and uncompromised quality. All the accompanying materials used on each glamping unit we create are held to the highest standards, qualified by our compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

Making use of reliable laboratories, they have been able to ensure that their products are put to the ultimate endurance tests, and pass every time. As such, their tents can withstand extreme weather conditions, from blistering heat and harsh winds to icy cold and fierce rain.

Environmentally responsible practices have become a major area of focus for them in recent years.  They endeavour to implement the most comprehensive technology to ensure that their products are not harmful to our planet, and are proud to be certified under ISO14001: Environmental Management.

Contact the team today to begin a Glamping adventure of a lifetime.


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