New to the Glamping Show this year is the ultimate design in eco-living; the Conker! Conker Living is the brainchild of Jag Virdie, an engineer, who started out his career in engineering with Rolls-Royce Bentley.

Jag’s inspiration for The Conker came from the desire to build a treehouse for his children but with an engineer’s mind he wanted it to be something different, a sphere that would hang like a conker! This project stimulated the launch of Conker Living. Jag has this to say:

“The mission for Conker Living is to change the way outdoor accommodation is designed today by disrupting the norm and challenging construction practices at their core. It all goes back to my automotive work; how can I bring that same level of engineering from automotive and aerospace to building construction?”

Jag goes on to say: “The Conker I have built is just a starting point, we are looking at designing and building smaller ones and much larger ones that will have three bedrooms. We are even looking at building a full house and all you need for the foundation of any Conker is the four legs, which means you don’t need to disrupt the ground it stands on.”

Due to the shape of the Conker there is no maintenance on the outside and because of its unique panel design, you can even update it when you want to with new panels. It is aerodynamic so doesn’t require any guttering and is the ultimate shape for heat efficiency.

In today’s world, with our increased awareness of how much we affect our own lives when we unthinkingly upset the balance of nature – from flooding to drought and severely taxing natural resources – Jag’s design makes perfect sense.

See it for yourself at this year’s Glamping Show; it will blow your mind!


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