A new fire has been lit under outdoor cooking providing the perfect enhancement to any glamping site.

Meet DeliVita, a young start-up company inspired by their Italian heritage, is making waves in the wood-fired oven arena and exhibiting for the first time at the Glamping Show in 2018.

Founder of Delivita, Joe Formisano, commented: “Good food is so important to us and it can be a great social event, bringing together family and friends to share special times.  It was initially about pizza but you can cook all sorts of food with this oven creating something really tasty in an outdoor environment.  It’s the perfect accessory to enhance any glamping site and provide guests with an exciting immersive holiday experience.  We wanted to showcase it to this sector and the Glamping Show is the perfect way to do that.”

Traditional Clay Oven…Show Stopping Exterior

The Award Winning DeliVita oven is one of the lightest, traditional clay, wood-fired ovens on the market.  Handmade in Yorkshire, with a growing fan-base nationally, their extensive customer reviews read like happy-ever-after stories.

A versatile product oozing with style and ‘kerb appeal’ at only 30kgs, the ovens are portable whilst being simple to operate and a pleasure to use.  Designed for the UK climate, the oven combines brushed stainless-steel features together with a polished fiberglass outer shell, available in a range of appealing colours or, for those wanting something bespoke, can be made in practically any shade to suit your tastes. (neon pink anyone?)

Taking just 25 minutes to reach a temperature of 450⁰c, they are a fast, fun and healthier way of cooking than the traditional BBQ, with less harmful carbonization, but the food is still infused with fantastic wood-fired aromas.

The DeliVita oven is designed for the convenience of table-top positioning; featuring a unique heat-insulated base, so can be placed on any outside surface without heat damage.  After the gastronomic delights have been consumed and the oven has cooled, users can pop it away in their shed or leave it outside with its neat cover on (safely snug down to -20⁰c).

Ideal for Outdoor Kitchens

Designed specifically without a chimney, the ovens can be sited under an outside canopy or gazebo allowing the pizza party to continue even in inclement weather.

Think bigger than just Pizza!  This oven is suitable for an extensive range of cooking techniques and allows you to cook everything from the perfect traditional Neapolitan Pizza at 600⁰c in as little as 90 seconds, through to roasted vegetables, crispy rosemary potatoes, succulent garlic chicken, salted whole sea-bass, prawns piri-piri, and sizzling steaks, so perfect for cooking in a glamping environment.

All in all, DeliVita really does offer something for everyone: ideal for glamping, camping or garden life, the DeliVita offers a distinct and delicious unique catering experience which simply must be experienced.


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