Video; is it part of your marketing strategy?

The Glamping Show brings you a wealth of information through it’s seminar programme and its one-to-one meeting programme; ‘Meet the Experts’.  Marketing expert and one of the Show’s Seminar speakers, Sarah Orchard, considers how video can enhance your marketing strategy

There is absolutely no doubt about it, video content works wonders when it comes to increasing customer engagement and achieving good search engine rankings. Video accounts for almost 80% of all web traffic – that is huge! And just as Facebook started out as a social networking platform that has been adopted by businesses and the corporate world – savvy glamping businesses now ensure that their marketing strategies include the use of video.

So how can video help your Glamping business?

Well, every business is different but for Glamping businesses, here are a few of my ideas that might spark some inspiration:

  • Meet the Team – giving your business a human face and personality brings it to life. It gives your audience the opportunity to say ‘I like this person and their business, I want to do business with them’. If the entire family works in the business – make sure everyone gets a special mention, even the dog or cat! Often Glamping business owners have interesting ‘journeys’ to share why they set up a glamping business I the first place!
  • Virtual Tours – use your smartphone to record a virtual tour of your site and accommodation. Really helps to bring your glamping experience to life much more than static photos. Really gives visitors a sense of what it is like to be there for themselves. Make them want to book a stay with you now…
  • The Big Build – capture scenes of your glamping business taking shape and create a time lapse big build video as it takes shape. Great to give people a sneak peek and perhaps even get early email sign-ups for future guests.
  • Behind the Scenes – use Facebook Live to create fun short insider videos. Breakfast being prepared in the camp kitchen, sitting round the fire pit at night, local activities being enjoyed – the list is endless! You can also use to capture the changing seasons and landscape to give a true flavour of the area at different times of the year. All part of the glamping great outdoors experience!
  • Live Action Shots – live streaming apps or use Twitter Vine can be used to capture your visitors taking part in activities at your venue or attraction, like canoeing, zip wires, climbing, surfing, cycling, or even horse riding. It works for just about anything!
  • How To Guides – why not show customers how to do something – show people how to light a campfire or wood burner (many ‘city slickers’ haven’t done this before!), or using the Kelly Kettle, campfire cooking recipes, etc.  Favourite Places – why not go out and take some short videos of your favourite local places or walks to add to your website. This sort of information can be really useful for guests and makes it easier for them to find their feet rather than simply baskets of printed leaflets to plough through.
  • Kind Words – written testimonials are great and certainly worth getting but a customer committing to video exactly how they feel about your place or attraction adds real authenticity and is much more fun. Maybe ask them “What was the best aspect of their stay?”

Sarah Orchard will be at The Glamping Show with two seminar slots and also Ask the Expert slots.  Sarah is renowned for delivering inspiring talks, jam-packed with useful and effective marketing hints and tips, perfectly aimed for ambitious small business owners.

She has an impressive background in marketing, having worked with major global brands over the last 25 years – including Kuoni, BTI Hogg Robinson, Avis Car Rental, Coca Cola, BT, Virgin Atlantic and Eurostar.

More importantly, over the last 10 years Sarah has been working exclusively with small business owners, helping them confidently find the right marketing approach that gets results to ensure sustained business growth.

Sarah will help you do the same – join her at the Glamping Show for some marketing inspiration!