A Tipi for Any Occasion

The Tipi Company manufacture British-made large event tipis and accessories for the use of outdoor events.  Durable, reliable and waterproof, the tipis provide an outdoor structure for a whole range of services including wedding venues, activities centres, outdoor classrooms and outdoor restaurants.

Using inspiration from the temporary homes of nomadic tribes for hundreds of years, The Tipi Company uses the latest materials and techniques to bring them into the 21st Century.  The tipis are available in three different sizes and can either be erected onto grassed areas or fields or built on hard standing areas such as car parks or patios.  Perfect for summer and winter events, The Tipi Company has a range of unique Weatherproofing Kits that allow you to operate events in the tipis all year round, regarding of the weather outside.


Since 1986, The Tipi Company has manufactured structures for the outdoor events industry, with their main focus being on awnings and tipis.  The company has a dedicated team of experienced fabric technicians, woodworkers, craftsmen and fitters committed to producing quality products that have been awarded the ‘Made In Britain’ marque.

With their roots planted firmly in the North of England, their heritage is based on experience, trust and delivering on their promises.  Their mission has always been to exceed customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement of our products.

The Tipi team has taken the traditional tipi, used by nomadic tribes throughout the globe for hundreds of years, and taken it to the next level by creating an individual and unique event space.  With their link kits, heating options and complimenting accessories you can use these tipis whether the sun is shining or the rain is relentless.

The team at the Tipi Company believes in providing their customers with tried and tested products and that is why they have tested them in the field, during sun, wind, snow and relentless rain to ensure the waterproofing qualities, strength and longevity of our tipis – you can be assured that your investment into The Tipi Company will be one you will be one that exceeds your expectations.


At The Tipi Company the team is passionate about British-made brands and UK manufacturing.  Buying British is a matter of defending their identity, their values, and their place in the wider world.

At The Tipi Company, their tipis and accessories have been awarded the ‘Made In Britain’ marque – the official seal of approval to show that their products are manufactured in Britain.  They have full control over the production process, in their factories in Manchester, to ensure a high quality from beginning to end.

The Tipi Company employs a team of highly skilled fabric technicians, wood workers and craftsmen who have been with the business a number of years and are part of the company’s identity as a vibrant, determined and knowledgeable workforce.

With their products being Made In Britain, they can help skills, crafts and innovation stay alive while supporting Britain`s position as the design centre of the world.


Historically, event tipis, due to the nature of the way you enter and exit them, have a summer season where they can be hired back to back and are extremely popular.  However, when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and the rain becomes relentless, the option of having a side lifted becomes impossible, leaving the customer with only a zip as an entry option which isn`t ideal for a summer event.

The Tipi Company decided to take the basic structure of the tipi which is currently on the market and enhance it.  They have designed a selection of entrance ways to weatherproof your tipis during the wetter months, allowing you to generate more return for your investment and giving you the opportunity to also hold winter events.

Not only this but The Tipi Company manufactures a selection of link kits, heating and seating options and an anchorage kit that are all made with the same materials as the main tipi structure and blend in perfectly.


Immensely strong yet very manageable and transportable, the wooden poles used for the construction of these tipis have been sourced from North Scandinavian forests where it is extremely cold and hence slow growing thus making the wood late maturing and of world-class quality.

The poles, which are over 80 years old, are de-barked spruce and are light but very strong and rot resistant, making them ideal for the construction of outdoor structures.  Due to these qualities and the conical shape of the tipis, they have huge load-bearing strength and can be erected on all types of soft and hard surfaces. The poles are 100% consistent in their dimensions with a perfect taper to the top. All poles have been treated with the latest generation wood preservative and have all fixtures and fittings attached prior to delivery.


The Tipi Company uses a durable beige outdoor fabric in the construction of the tipis and accessories, which is highly water resistant and weatherproof, sun protective and durable – making it perfect during the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.  The edges of the tipi canvas are reinforced with a sand coloured tear-resistant fabric to provide a natural contrast to the main canvas.

The tipi canvas is flame retardant and meets BS 7837, DIN 4102 B2 and NF 92-503 class:M1 standards, which makes it a very safe product, especially when a fire pit is lit inside.

All the tipis are sewn together by The Tipi Company`s Expert Fabric Technicians, using advanced textile methods to ensure the canvas sheets are made to last and are extremely strong.