Thermo Tent has recently developed an ‘Insulated Luxury Glamping Lodge’.  This will be the very first of its kind in the market place and is available in Europe and the USA.  It offers users an extra degree of comfort that they will not have experienced before in a conventional tent. Thermo-Tents-Glamping

The Thermo Tent ‘Insulated Luxury Glamping Lodge’ offers benefits such as:

  • Keeping occupants cool in the summer time
  • Maintaining a higher temperature in the winter time
  • Reducing disturbances from noise

It also offers Glamping site owners the opportunity to market a brand new luxury product to their customer base and more importantly an opportunity to extend their camping season.

Thermo Tent’s luxury lodges come in safari and yurt designs and they are made from high quality breathable poly-cotton fabric and wooden poles for extra security.  Steel poles can also be used.

Thermo Tent is the world’s first thermally and acoustically insulate tent, which has helped reduce or even eradicate the spikes in temperature that occur in normal tents.  The company’s ground breaking insulation technology also helps muffle noise transfer in an out of their tents.

Thermo Tent does all their own design in-house, which allows them to customise solutions for their customers.  Make sure you visit the team from Thermo Tent at The Glamping Show to get more details on this amazing insulated glamping lodge.


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