Why Visit

Glamping has become a great way for all sorts of businesses to diversify into the tourism and leisure industries.

Its relevance to camping, caravan and holiday sites is clear but it has also attracted venues, attractions and businesses that may never have considered tourism or accommodation as something could do or would want to do.

Attracting a completely new customer base, it is unique, quirky and has an extended season that brings more earning potential to existing and new outdoor businesses.

It is flexible, adaptable and creative spawning a whole new genre of pop-up, temporary and pre-pitched accommodation solutions that have broaden the appeal and brought new capacities to venues and businesses for whom accommodation had previously not been possible.

If you have land or an attraction or a property or an event that people visit and would like to opportunity to stay over, then Glamping may be the solution and the business diversification that you have been looking for.

Visit The Glamping Show and meet the suppliers, planners and builders who can make it happen for you. Network with others who have already made the leap and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Discover the world of Glamping and the opportunities it may hold for your business.