Popaloo Portable Toilet


About Popaloo Portable Toilet

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Website: popaloo.co.uk

22.both-loos1-566x566Popaloo is a unique, compact, space saving, chemical and water free, highly portable Eco friendly toilet that is Made In England from durable and recyclable ABS

Popaloo uses a Bio degradable dry powder waste bag system that gels the waste, powder bags can cope with both solid and fluid waste and will gel approximately 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid, after use the bag can be placed in a normal waste bin, composted or buried with the land owners permission.

Popaloo is just 430mm square x 90mm high closed and builds to a normal toilet seat height of 432mm, weighing just 4.2 Kg it can take weights up to 175 Kg/27 stone. Popaloo comes in a handy carry case, with ten powder bags, wet wipes and emergency toilet tissue.

Popaloo also provide two variants of pop up toilets for complete privacy.